Emap.FM - Quarantella - Music in Residence 2020

Welcome to Quarantella, the platform that lets you listen to works by musicians who are not currently performing live. With the help of computers and the Internet, on the one hand, and the Coronavirus, on the other, new domestic music is created that should not be missed. All music has its reason and -after all- the cage bird sings too.

This platform is for musicians who (must) sit at home and now have the opportunity to record their own music relatively to studio quality. Of course, very few have a perfect home studio. Corona and its related rules also suggest to simply reverse the statement that technology saves time; because it is time that these days we probably have plenty of. The quarantella should take into account the conditions and the special life situation of its creator and can therefore contain a typical sound of their home.

Quarantella is a piece of music -with or without text- that has been created and recorded at home. The piece of music needs a title (or simply quarantella x), a short comment, a photo / picture / graphic for a 50x50 icon and (if available) a personal link. This should be sent in WAV format via wetransfer.com (or a similar service) to quarantella@emap.fm. It is important that the rights belong to you to publish your piece on https://emap.fm/quarantella.html.
If everything is up and running again, the whole thing could become an interesting CD edition.

Quarantella is a cooperation between Emap.FM and Otto Lechner.

We wish you health, enjoyment and confidence.

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pfeil Quarantella #1 - Arnaud NANO Méthivier: One nano-confinement. My musical proposition about my confinement at home in Corsica. (Recorded at 6 a.m. in the morning with a Zoom H1 for quarentella).
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pfeil Quarantella #9 - Patrice Héral: Ich bin eingesperrt... draußen. A small picture of what's going on in my mind those days... Reisen herum mit Musik... so viele verschiedene Länder... Kultur... "Que reste t'il de nos Kultur..."
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pfeil Quarantella #10 - Georg Graf: Abwaschblues ...und täglich grüßt die Abwasch...ich koche gern, ich esse gern, und der Reinigungsprozess danach ist der Höhepunkt des Alltäglichen!
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pfeil Quarantella #13 - George Butrumlis: The Corona of Peace. The streets are quiet. The creatures of the sea can hear each other. The creatures of the land can hear each other. The birds are so loud having spent years shouting to be heard. Perhaps even humans.................
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pfeil Quarantella #14 - Georg Graf: Sauger für Bläser. Therapieansatz: Saugen als Entspannung und Ausgleich, der Tanz mit dem Vampyr...
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pfeil Quarantella #15 - Melissa Coleman: Zündeln. Für Solo Cello mit Cello Overdubs. Das Stück nimmt Bezug auf die rasante Verbreitung von COVID-19. Eine Solostimme wird verdoppelt und allmählich vervielfältigt. Die Intensität steigt!
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pfeil Quarantella #16 - Otto Lechner: Beim Geppl - oder: Heimat bist du großer Söhne - oder: meine letzte Quarantella.